Long ago I learned the smartest way to develop any marketing piece is to design first and write copy second.

Though seemingly counter-intuitive, most people can’t resist reading any words presented to them in draft marketing materials. When they’re reading about their own company, they almost never get past the messaging to focus on the design.

This typically leads to project delays that are avoided by designing first.

Which brings us to Lorem Ipsum; industry-standard dummy text that says nothing. Also called “Greeking” (as in “It’s all Greek to me”), Lorem Ipsum mimics normal language patterns.

The phrase Lorem Ipsum comes from the treatise “The Extremes of Good and Evil” by Cicero – Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, political theorist, constitutionalist, and enemy of Cleopatra’s lover, Marc Antony.

Lorem Ipsum’s been the norm in printing and typesetting since the 1500s, when an anonymous printer used it to show different type fonts. Purposely boring and offering phrases like “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,” it’s used when designing marketing materials, temporarily filling space meant for finished copy.

Into this environment stepped cupcakeipsum.com, an auto-text generator that’s fun to read but doesn’t distract from your design. The site creates phrases like “Icing candy canes sweet bonbon biscuit I love jujubes.”


Providing a relatively normal distribution of words and phrases, this verbal confectionary contains vocabulary of different sizes and is far superior to typing blocks of text saying “sample text goes here.”

Want to play some more? Try variations like:

  • Bacon Ipsum (“Prosciutto pancetta rump spare ribs salami”)
  • Cat Ipsum (“meow constantly until given food”)
  • Pirate Ipsum (“Grog blossom bilge rat topsail sutler chase guns gally”)

There are Ipsum generators about television and zombies, gangstas and cheese. Breaking Bad? Got it. Pulp Fiction? Yup.

In fact, from Carl Sagan to the Big Lebowski, there are dozens of free Ipsum generators online.

Fair warning, though; when using any kind of Ipsum engine, check that nobody has inserted anything inappropriate for your audience (jokes, naughty words, etc.).

If you’ve never used Lorem Ipsum, you may doubt its value. If this is the case, try it a few times and see if it improves your creative process. They’re all available online for free, and if nothing else happens it’ll be good for a few laughs.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.


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