Marketing Non-Profits
Non-profits surround us, playing as significant (or maybe more significant) a role as for-profit groups. The YMCA, battered women shelters, food banks, and Habitat for Humanity stand side-by-side with churches, soccer teams, and fraternities as a few examples of non-profits contributing to the improved quality of daily life. One thing most have in common is a stunning lack of marketing dollars. This needn’t be a dead end, but does call for creative approaches. Read more »
Why Is Marketing Important?
In case you’ve ever wondered whether it’s even necessary to market your business in the first place, we’d like to share this simple story that says it all. Read more »
The Part-Time Executive: Filling the Management Void
Several years back I met with the president of a $5 million firm about hiring my marketing agency. For two hours he spoke about great things his company wanted to do to increase product awareness in the marketplace.

As the meeting progressed I noticed a fascinating rhythm to the conversation. Each item on his wish list was discounted by a concern about lack of resources or effects of the larger economy. Read more »

In-House Agency
As marketing budgets tighten, there’s increasing interest in establishing in-house marketing agencies. Capable of increasing sales while lowering costs, this division provides the perfect home for services such as strategy, market research, design and fulfillment. It pays for itself by minimizing the need for outside vendors and eliminating media commissions. Read More »

Better Branding: Improve Your Company Image
Look at a dozen successful businesses and you’ll find they all have consistent branding in common. Coca-Cola, Fedex, AT&T and the rest have created images that you, the consumer, instantly recognize.

By combining a company name, logo, typeface and tag line to impart a unified impression, the big guys integrate themselves into our daily lives. This image is then driven home repeatedly using publicity, direct mail, print advertising, television, invoice stuffers, Internet banner ads…you name it. Read more »

Marketing To Your Employees
Examine your company’s selling process and you may find a strategic gap in your marketing efforts.

By now you’ve built your web site and are working a marketing plan that includes some combination of social media, collateral, drip campaigns, sales promotion, public relations, and the like. Read More »

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