Let Us Speak For You

You’ve got a problem!

Let us doing your public speaking!You probably hate speaking publicly…but know it’s important to get your message before appropriate audiences.

So you’ve got to choose:

  • Sweaty palms from doing it yourself
  • Invest years learning to do it well
  • Use our We’ll Speak For You! package

It’s a solution nobody else offers! We’ll interview up to three members of your organization; develop a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation about your product, services, or company; and present it on your behalf at three different public forums (Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, trade conferences, etc.).

Of course you’ll need to be in attendance at those meetings in case questions come up that we can’t handle or if someone wants to immediately contract for your services.

But the hard part – the painful part – will be behind you.

Think about it: you’ll have been represented professionally with a message you approve of before a group of your peers without ever having left the comfort of your seat. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Let us show you

how to profit more from your next trade association or Chamber of Commerce meeting.


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