Our Team

Rob Weinberg, Chief Strategist

Rob Weinberg, The MarketBuilding TeamOne client referred to him as “So creative, his mind doesn’t acknowledge ‘the box’ exists.”

Another called him “One of the best professional experiences of my life.”

And a third referred to him as “An inspired and inspiring collaborator.”

Starting to see a pattern?

Rob’s career has touched every type of marketing environment, customer and medium any business will need to build their next success.

He spent a decade as principal of a Madison Avenue marketing agency.

He’s built and run countless in-house marketing facilities.

And he has a wealth of strategic, creative, and tactical experience at his fingertips that he’s always happy to share.

Rob’s written two books on marketing (Removing the Mystery from Marketing and Streetwise Internet Business Plan). And he’s working on two more, in between authoring his weekly marketing advice column in the Pomerado Newspaper Chain.

In his copious free time he frequently speaks on a wide range of business and marketing issues, and is highly sought after for his ability to explain complex business issues in easily understood language suited to any audience. He actively supports Rotary International and a number of local non-profit and charitable organizations.

Rob lives in San Diego with his wife and a fluffy white dog. As they are now empty-nesters, he has plenty of time to hear about any marketing challenges you’re currently facing.

Randy Rose, Director of E-Media

Randy has a wide range of web development, digital marketing, and project management experience in many industries, including for-profit, non-profit, education, e-commerce, advertising, media, Fortune 500 and small businesses.

The common thread between them all has been her commitment to providing solid design, content and project management skills to every project she touches.

A front-end web site designer and electronic newsletter development and design lead for the MarketBuilding team, Randy combines internal resources and the most appropriate third-party vendors to develop custom web sites.

You can also count on her for incredibly creative, result-oriented campaigns utilizing e-mail, direct marketing, print, publicity, sales promotion, and search engine marketing.

From writing copy to overseeing graphics production, building corporate web sites to project-managing larger assignments, Randy applies her talents, practical experience and plain common sense to the production of high-quality marketing materials for all kinds of organizations.

Since becoming a partner in the MarketBuilding Team in 2005, Randy has personally built, upgraded and maintained dozens of web sites. Unlike many designers, she applies solid marketing principals into each project to build user-friendly sites that engage visitors and provides them with fast, easy access to the information they need.

Contact Randy today to learn more about what she can do to bring your e-marketing to the next level.


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