Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: We will never distribute your information to an outside party trying to sell you stuff.

By contacting us you’re starting a conversation about finding the best ways to grow your business using the most appropriate strategic planning, marketing, and communications tools available to suit your needs and your budget.

And because we respect your privacy, MarketBuilding Team members promise to never share your information with anyone not involved with helping us reach your objectives. We will send you our free monthly newsletter (unless you tell us not to), but will not contact you with offers unrelated to your specific request for information about our marketing services.

We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics. We appreciate you contacting The MarketBuilding Team for your marketing needs, and we’re only here to help you expand your visibility and your bottom line.

So go ahead and ask us for more information. We’re not talking to anybody but you.

Questions about this policy? You can reach us at:

The MarketBuilding Team
P.O. Box 270241
San Diego, CA 92198


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