You’d expect us to say nice things about ourselves. But the REAL story comes from those with whom we’ve worked.

“Rob Weinberg’s mind refuses to acknowledge that ‘the box’ exists.”

—Maureen Gallo, Baystate Health Systems

“The nice thing about working with Rob Weinberg and The MarketBuilding Team is their ability to immediately appreciate the broad picture. Then they kick in 30+ years of experience to address those needs with easily understood tactics and repeatable results.”

—Shelley Estersohn, Society of American Florists

“It’s rare to find honest, thorough, creative people who consistently provide good, solid results. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to be represented by the MarketBuilding Team like we are.”

—Tom Gross, Specialty Doors & Automation

“A sharp sense of the marketplace, augmented by research skills and just plain hard work, have provided consistently amazing results.”

—Dan Holmes, Hill Associates

“Rob’s creative and unique marketing ideas and concepts provide organizations with valuable results for their marketing dollars. He is a pleasure to work with.”

—Diane Law, President, Parachute Marketing

“Rob is a guy you can easily underestimate due to his unassuming manner. I find him to be brimming with great nuts and bolts ideas that can be put into place immediately. His timeliness is a welcome relief in a world filled with late commitments.”

—Craig Brown, Rancho Financial Mortgage Center

“The results from our association with MarketBuilding have been outstanding. Rob really knows how to assemble a team and the end result well exceeded our expectations.”

—Daryl McFarland, Sun Country Builders

“Uniquely talented individuals who truly strive to do more than is humanly possible.”

—Joseph Baio, Venture Communications Group

“Over the years Rob has been an inspired and inspiring collaborator. He is a true team player who brings great knowledge and energy to every project he undertakes. His commitment to serving others makes every client feel special and well cared for. And they are.”

—Joan Linden, Turnaround Consulting, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Design

“Rob will amaze you with the ideas and insights he brings from over 10 years on Madison Avenue and his evolution to the west coast!”

—Lew Sabbag, Servigraphics

“Working with Rob Weinberg was one of the best professional experiences of my life. Rob is creative, insightful, and totally committed to producing the best possible product, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. His skills encompass many diverse areas, providing him with a unique capability to deliver an exceptional product regardless of the challenges placed in front of him.”

—Rob Levine, Pathways to Excellence

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