What We Do

Branding, Rebranding and Strategic Marketing

MarketBuilding Team members don’t just worry about color schemes, fonts, and graphics. Looks, color, logos and words are important, yes, but should never be the first consideration.

Marketing services offered by the MarketBuilding TeamThat’s why every project coming through our doors starts with this series of questions:

  • What’s your objective?
  • Who’s your audience?
  • What’s your timeline?
  • What resources will you invest?
  • When will you consider yourself successful?
  • What makes you different from everyone else?

Once we know who you are, then…and ONLY then…do we begin developing your marketing communications materials. We put a face on your company, make sure everyone knows who you are, and that they understand why it’s important to do business with you.

Of course, if you have an existing identity and need to give it a facelift, you’ve come to the right place for that too.

If your current brand materials aren’t delivering the results you want or don’t represent who you are anymore, then it’s time for us to talk.

Because as the old saying goes; “It’s not creative…unless it sells.”

Got a challenge but not sure of the solution?

Talk to us…we’ll create something new JUST for you!


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